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Operating a dropshipping retailer could be a very worthwhile enterprise – however you need to pay attention to the revenue margin stats and what they imply for your small business.

In case you’ve ever labored in retail, that the revenue margin is likely one of the most crucial numbers for a enterprise.

All the pieces you promote must be priced appropriately, and which means understanding how a lot revenue you’ll make on every merchandise.

On this article, we are going to break down all the knowledge it’s essential learn about dropshipping revenue margins, together with methods to calculate them and what values you ought to be aiming for.

We may even present some ideas on the finish that can assist to extend your revenue margin!

Why do you have to analyze your dropshipping revenue margin?

A person tracking his profits

Isn’t all this effort into discovering your dropshipping revenue margin a bit overkill?


Analyzing your revenue margins is important – particularly if you wish to achieve success in the long run.

There are a selection of causes for this:

  • It permits you to discover extra worthwhile merchandise and dropship them as a substitute of much less worthwhile ones.
  • It helps you perceive your small business higher and make knowledgeable choices about the place to speculate your cash.
  • It permits you to worth your merchandise appropriately and keep away from leaving cash on the desk.
  • It helps you monitor your progress and see in case you are bettering over time.

Briefly, for those who don’t know your dropshipping revenue margin, you received’t be capable of inform which merchandise are making you cash and which of them are costing you cash.

Consequently, you possibly can find yourself dropshipping loads of merchandise that don’t make you any revenue in any respect!

So, now that we have now established how essential it’s to calculate your revenue margin let’s transfer on to how you are able to do it.

How do you calculate the revenue margin of your dropshipping retailer?

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Calculating your dropshipping revenue margin is fairly easy.

You may calculate two varieties of revenue margins: the gross revenue margin and the web revenue margin. Each are used to measure how environment friendly a dropshipping retailer is at producing earnings.

Let’s go over each of them beneath:

Calculating the gross revenue margin

The gross revenue margin signifies how worthwhile your dropshipping retailer is for every sale, given the prices concerned with every sale.

It’s the best to calculate and easily offers you a sign of how a lot revenue you’re making on a offered product.

To calculate your gross revenue margin, all it’s essential do is take your whole income from gross sales and subtract the price of items offered (COGS). This offers you your gross revenue.

Gross revenue = Whole income – COGS

After getting your gross revenue, you’ll be able to divide it by your whole income to get your gross revenue margin.

Gross revenue margin = Gross revenue / Whole income

For instance, let’s say you might have a dropshipping retailer that made $100,000 in gross sales final month. If the price of items offered had been $60,000, your gross revenue could be $40,000.

To get your gross revenue margin, you’d divide $40,000 by $100,000 to get 0.40.

To conclude, your gross revenue margin could be 40%!

Calculating the web revenue margin

The online revenue margin is the last word measure of profitability for a corporation.

It is a little more sophisticated to calculate than the gross revenue margin as a result of it considers the entire different bills you might have when operating your dropshipping enterprise.

You may have bills for issues like:

To calculate your web revenue margin, you’ll need to take your whole income from gross sales and subtract the price of items offered and all different bills. This offers you your web revenue.

Web revenue = Whole income – COGS – All different bills

After getting your web revenue, you’ll be able to divide it by your whole income to get your web revenue margin.

Web revenue margin = Web revenue / Whole income

For instance, let’s say you might have a dropshipping retailer that made $100,000 in gross sales final month.

If the price of items offered was $60,000 and your different bills had been $20,000, then your web revenue could be $20,000.

To get your web revenue margin, you’d divide $20,000 by $100,000 to get 0.20.

In different phrases, your web revenue margin could be 20%.

Nonetheless, if you wish to make discovering your web revenue margin a bit less complicated, we have now one thing superior for you.

Do you know that we have now developed a revenue margin device calculator device?

That’s proper!

You should utilize it to seek out your revenue margin in just some easy steps. Test it out right here!

Calculate your profit margin here

Now that we’ve gone over methods to calculate your dropshipping revenue margins let’s discuss what values you ought to be aiming for.

What is an efficient revenue margin for dropshipping shops?

Someone trying to figure out what a good profit margin is

When you’ve calculated your gross and web revenue margin, you may be questioning: “Are these good revenue margins?”.

Sadly, there isn’t a definitive reply to this query, because the ‘proper’ dropshipping revenue margin will differ relying on numerous elements.

These elements can embody issues like the kind of merchandise you’re dropshipping, your goal market, your promoting funds, and extra.

That being mentioned, there are a number of normal pointers you’ll be able to comply with relating to dropshipping revenue margins.

For many dropshippers, a gross revenue margin of 30-40% is taken into account good.

Which means for each $100 in gross sales, you ought to be left with round $30 to $40 after shopping for the merchandise out of your provider.

In the meantime, it’s best to intention for a web revenue margin of round 20%.

In different phrases, after taking into consideration your whole bills, you ought to be left with $20 in revenue for each $100 in gross sales.

All in all, crucial factor is that you’re making sufficient income to cowl your whole bills after which some. In different phrases, operating a worthwhile dropshipping retailer.

If you are able to do that, then you’re heading in the right direction!

The 7 most essential revenue margin stats in your dropshipping retailer

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Listed here are among the most crucial revenue margin stats in your dropshipping retailer:

  • Value of Items Bought (COGS)
  • Delivery prices
  • Common order worth (AOV)
  • Conversion fee
  • Buyer lifetime worth (CLV)
  • Buyer acquisition price (CAC)
  • Refund fee

Now, let’s take a more in-depth have a look at every of those:

Value of Items Bought (COGS)

Explanation of what cost of goods sold means

The price of items offered (COGS) is usually probably the most important expense for dropshipping shops. It’s primarily based on how a lot it prices to fabricate the merchandise offered.

For a dropshipping retailer, the COGS is the same as the worth you pay at your dropshipping retailer.

For instance, let’s say you offered 100 merchandise within the final month and paid your provider $5 per product. In that case, your COGS could be $500.

As talked about earlier, the COGS is a key ingredient in calculating your gross revenue margin. Subsequently, it’s a essential statistic!

In case you are utilizing Shopify, you’ll be able to arrange your COGS for every product by going by the next steps:

  1. Choose ‘Merchandise’ within the Shopify admin.
  2. Choose the product you need to edit.
  3. Add the ‘Value per Merchandise’ in {dollars} to the ‘Pricing part.’
  4. Save the modifications.
Shopify COGs

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Delivery prices

Like COGS, delivery prices are a big expense for dropshipping shops. They embody bills wanted for delivery labels, packaging, and postage.

You’ll find your retailer’s delivery prices by checking what you paid your provider for delivery for all orders you shipped in a given time frame.

For instance, let’s say you shipped 100 orders within the final month, and also you paid your provider a median of $3 for delivery per order. In that case, your delivery prices could be $300.

Common Order Worth (AOV)

The typical order worth (AOV) is the typical amount of cash every buyer spends in your retailer.

To calculate your AOV, take the overall income from gross sales and divide it by the variety of orders.

AOV = Whole income / Variety of orders

For instance, let’s say you had 100 orders within the final month and the overall income from these orders was $5,000. Your AOV could be $5,000 divided by 100, or $50.

Typically, your dropshipping revenue margin will improve for those who handle to extend your AOV.

Nonetheless, it additionally strongly depends upon the merchandise you promote. For example, a retailer promoting telephone circumstances may have a decrease AOV in comparison with a retailer promoting treadmills.

Conversion Price

The conversion fee is the share of your retailer’s guests that make a purchase order.

To calculate your conversion fee, take the variety of orders and divide it by the variety of distinctive guests.

Conversion fee = Variety of orders / Variety of distinctive guests

For instance, let’s say you had 50 orders within the final month and 1,000 distinctive guests. By dividing 50 by 1,000, you get 0.05. In different phrases, 5% of your retailer’s guests made a purchase order.

The typical conversion fee for Shopify shops is between 0.6% and three.1%. In the meantime, having a 4.2% conversion fee would put you into the highest 10%. (Supply)

Average ecommerce conversion rate from 2017 Q4 to 2018 Q4

Additionally, remember that not all niches and merchandise have the identical conversion charges:

Average conversion rate per niche

Tip: A better conversion fee will lead to a better web revenue margin. If you want to extend your conversion fee, check out our 12 ideas right here!

Buyer Lifetime Worth (CLV)

The client lifetime worth (CLV) is the typical amount of cash that every buyer spends in your retailer all through their lifetime. Subsequently, it’s a device that will help you estimate your retailer’s future income.

When calculating your CLV, you’ll typically should make sure predictions, as you by no means know for certain if a buyer will buy out of your retailer once more sooner or later.

In case you are operating a dropshipping retailer, you’ll be able to estimate your CLV by multiplying your AOV with an estimated variety of transactions per thirty days (per buyer) and an estimated retention interval (the variety of months you count on a buyer to maintain returning to your retailer).

CLV = AOV * Variety of transactions per thirty days * Retention interval

The extra typically a buyer comes again and purchases from you once more, the upper the client’s lifetime worth shall be. This may assist you to extend your web revenue margins!

Numerous revenue analytics apps are additionally accessible that will help you estimate your CLV. For instance, the Lifetimely app on Shopify could be a useful gizmo:

Calculate precies customer lifetime values using the Lifetimely Shopify app

Buyer Acquisition Value (CAC)

The client acquisition price (CAC) is the typical amount of cash you spend to accumulate a brand new buyer.

Someone holding an Ad

To calculate your CAC, it’s best to take your whole advertising and marketing and promoting bills for a given interval and divide it by the variety of new prospects you acquired in that very same interval.

CAC = Whole advertising and marketing bills / Variety of new prospects

For instance, let’s say you spent $1,000 on advertising and marketing and promoting within the final month and purchased 50 new prospects.

Your CAC could be $1,000 divided by 50, leading to $20.

In case your CAC is decrease than your CLV, you’re headed in the correct route! Which means a buyer pays you more cash throughout their lifetime than what it prices you to make them a buyer.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply that you may be worthwhile, since you additionally must pay your different bills from that income!

Refund Price

The refund fee is the share of orders which are returned.

To calculate your refund fee, merely take the variety of refunds and divide it by the overall variety of orders.

Refund fee = Variety of refunds / Whole variety of orders

For instance, let’s say you had 100 orders within the final month, and 5 of these orders had been returned. Then your refund fee could be 5%.

A excessive refund fee is disastrous in your dropshipping retailer’s revenue margin. To begin with, your income decreases as you’re compelled to return the cash to the purchasers. And secondly, your bills rise as you’re usually the one who has to pay for all delivery bills and transaction charges.

How do you improve your dropshipping revenue margin? (5 Suggestions)

Now that we’ve gone over the whole lot it’s essential learn about dropshipping revenue margins let’s discuss a number of ideas that may assist you to extend your margins.

1. Use a dropshipping pricing technique

When including new merchandise to your dropshipping retailer, you would possibly ask your self:

“How do I worth my merchandise?”

That’s exactly what a pricing technique covers!

A pricing technique takes under consideration varied traits of your small business and calculates an optimum promoting worth as an output.

Dropshipping pricing strategy

By utilizing a pricing technique, you’ll be able to keep away from:

  1. Setting your product’s worth too excessive. This will result in you lacking out on gross sales.


  2. Setting your worth too low. This will trigger decrease revenue margins as you’ll miss out on potential revenue and income, which you may need had with a correct pricing technique.

It could sound a bit unnatural, however a pricing technique may very well provide you with a motive to decrease your product costs to extend your dropshipping revenue margin.

For instance, let’s say you decrease your product’s worth by 20%. In return, your conversion fee rises by 50%. In that case, your revenue margins may very well improve!

To be taught extra about the most effective pricing methods in your dropshipping retailer, take a look at our article right here!

Plus, take a look at this text right here for those who’re coping with a number of product variants.

2. Decrease your product prices

Mail order retailing

One other methodology to extend your dropshipping revenue margin is by decreasing your product prices (COGS).

Simply keep in mind, when dropshipping, your COGS is likely one of the most important elements in figuring out your revenue margin.

You may decrease your COGS through the use of numerous methods.

To begin with, you’ll be able to negotiate decrease product costs out of your provider. That manner, you’ll be able to promote the product for a similar worth however make a better revenue.

You too can search for cheaper delivery strategies, which let you decrease your bills.

Lastly, you’ll be able to supply your merchandise from different suppliers to check costs and discover the most affordable choice.

3. Keep away from pointless bills

Subsequent up, attempt to keep away from any pointless bills.

Do you might have any paid apps put in that you just don’t actually use? Have you ever been operating a advertising and marketing marketing campaign for fairly a while already that doesn’t reap its fruits? Are you able to save on any subscription prices?

If that’s the case, do away with these apps, finish that advertising and marketing marketing campaign, and cancel that subscription. By doing so, you’ll unlock some funds that may be put in direction of different extra essential areas of your small business.

Reinvesting in your dropshipping enterprise is at all times a good suggestion to verify it retains operating easily and effectively.

Pricing of Spocket
Pricing plans of a preferred dropshipping provider: Spocket

However even for those who don’t see a possibility to reinvest the cash you saved, your revenue margin will nonetheless improve as your bills have been lowered!

A dropshipping enterprise is like every other enterprise – it requires time, power, and cash to maintain it operating.

4. Appeal to free visitors to your dropshipping retailer

A surefire manner of accelerating your revenue margins is by attracting free visitors to your retailer. That’s, for those who can handle to draw free visitors and if these guests will convert to paying prospects.

Our tip right here is to deal with creating high-quality content material.

By writing weblog posts, making movies, or posting on social media, you’ll be able to entice free visitors from people who find themselves excited about what you must say.

Example of a blog of an online store that attracts free traffic
Instance of a weblog (from 710Pipes)

And if these folks like what they see, there’s a very good likelihood they may go to your retailer and make a purchase order.

5. Begin upselling or cross-selling

Final however not least, begin upselling or cross-selling!

Upselling and cross-selling are gross sales ways that intention to get prospects to spend more cash by shopping for further or associated merchandise.

For instance, let’s say you’re promoting a telephone case in your dropshipping retailer.

An upsell might be to supply a higher-end telephone case that features a tempered glass display protector. Then again, a cross-sell might be to supply a associated product, like a telephone stand or a telephone charger.

By providing these further merchandise, you’ll be able to improve the typical order worth and, because of this, your dropshipping revenue margin.

Example of post-purchase upsells by the Shopify app ReConvert
Put up-purchase upsells by the Shopify app ReConvert


Dropshipping revenue margins are essential to grasp if you wish to succeed with dropshipping.

You should definitely calculate your gross revenue margin, web revenue margin, and the opposite revenue margin stats so you’ll be able to monitor your progress and see how properly your small business is doing.

In case you are on the lookout for the simplest technique to calculate your dropshipping revenue margin, take a look at our revenue margin calculator right here!

Calculate your profit margin here

And final however not least, use our tricks to improve your dropshipping revenue margins even additional. For instance, don’t neglect to arrange a correct dropshipping pricing technique!

That’s it for this put up. We hope you discovered it useful and informative. In case you did, please share it with your folks and followers!

And you probably have any questions on dropshipping revenue margins, you’ll be able to tell us within the feedback beneath!

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