MakerDAO’s twin stablecoin resolution guarantees to resolve longstanding trilemma


Rune Christensen, the founding father of MakerDAO, has proposed a novel resolution to the Stablecoin Trilemma.

This trilemma posits that reaching a secure worth pegged to the greenback, sustaining decentralization, and scaling to fulfill demand are mutually unique targets.

Christensen’s resolution entails a twin stablecoin framework, envisioning the evolution of Maker’s DAI stablecoin into two distinct entitiesNewStable and PureDAI. These stablecoins will deal with vital facets of the trilemma by prioritizing utility and scalability whereas guaranteeing a greenback peg and upholding pure decentralization.

Based on Christensen, DAI might be totally deprecated as soon as the ecosystem implements and adopts these options. Nevertheless, the timeline for this transition relies on the neighborhood’s adoption pace.


NewStable would be the major successor to DAI, prioritizing progress, yield, and resilience. The decentralized stablecoin could be crafted with utility and adoption in thoughts.

Based on Christensen:

“Most Dai use instances might be succeeded by NewStable, which is able to deal with mass market adoption and regulatorily compliant Actual-World Asset (RWA) backing, with decentralization used as a strong instrument to make sure transparency, resilience, and checks and balances.”

The stablecoin will preserve a relationship with Maker and inherit Endgame’s tokenomics, progress focus, and governance framework.

Moreover, NewStable incorporates a freeze perform akin to trade requirements seen in different main RWA-backed stablecoins. Implementing the freeze perform is anticipated to stick to the rule of regulation in jurisdictions essential for Maker’s authorized recourse in opposition to RWA collateral.

This method enhances safety, stability, and reliability, bolstering NewStable’s international mass market adoption potential.


Then again, PureDAI goals for complete autonomy, distancing itself from centralized affect by counting on decentralized collateral.

Christensen defined:

“PureDai will function solely purely decentralized collateral comparable to ETH and stETH, free-floating peg like Rai, maximally decentralized oracles and no governance or budgets.”

He stated this stablecoin would develop into out there after “a number of years” and would minimize all enduring ties to Maker at launch.

Upon launch, DAI customers can seamlessly transition to PureDAI via Maker frontends. Nevertheless, it might be unique to the Ethereum mainnet and should broaden its attain via layer-2 options and bridges supporting cross-chain transport.

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