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In December, 2021, the Core Developer Neighborhood of the Baseline Protocol, an EEA Neighborhood Undertaking, Demonstrated How you can Baseline an Excel Spreadsheet with Different Methods of Document

Almost 35 years since its creation, Microsoft Excel is now a staple for a lot of organizations. It’s used to enter, handle, retailer, report and analyze delicate knowledge each day. Forrester Analysis has discovered that 80% of companies depend on Excel[1], even in probably the most subtle monetary establishments, and it stays important for accountants and auditors. Financial institution reporting nonetheless depends on Excel, and asset administration is nearly fully achieved on Excel. Each minute of every single day, delicate knowledge is packaged in an Excel spreadsheet and despatched from one counterparty to a different.

As we enter the age of verified multiparty workflows, and extra data administration techniques flip to high-security coordination strategies such because the Baseline Protocol, it’s solely pure that Microsoft Excel needs to be one of many principal baselined purposes. Firms right now have to show they’ve the identical data (and show attributes of that data to others) with out revealing delicate knowledge and enterprise logic. With a lot of that data sitting on spreadsheets and solely nominally secured, it’s excessive time to get them baselined.

So, that’s what we did. We baselined Excel. In two other ways. After which we open sourced each demonstrations, in order that extra builders can do the identical. In each circumstances, we made it doable to make use of zero-knowledge proofs – baseline proofs, as we name them – to verifiably synchronize knowledge between an Excel spreadsheet and both one other Excel sheet, or one other data administration system fully.

Baseledger Excel Demo by

As an indication on the way to use our public permissioned blockchain Baseledger, Unibright introduced an Excel demo of two individuals that wish to baseline the synchronization of a Title discipline in Excel.

One of many easiest circumstances for baselining is proven on this instance, the place two or extra Excel spreadsheets are baselined merely to make sure that adjustments to a cell in a single sheet are saved synchronized with adjustments in a corresponding cell in one other sheet.

Proposed state adjustments to baselined Excel fields within the following demo are reliant on approval by each coordinating events. When a proposed state change is agreed to, a proof representing the settlement should be verified. As soon as this assertion is verified to be true, this proof is saved on-chain and the Excel fields may be up to date. Altogether, the baseline technique utilized between Excel paperwork gives a verified assure of correctness and consistency between a number of events. This strategy prevents discrepancies from going unnoticed or needing to be remediated at a later date, the place it turns into expensive for enterprises.

Within the demo we outlined the workflow in two steps.

The primary one is agreeing on LastName and FirstName, the second is agreeing on a nickname. All solutions, variations and approvals are summarized in a “TrustMesh,” a multi-dimensional version-approval graph which was already used within the SAP2SAP synchronization demo by our companions from Concircle. Each TrustMesh component is anchored in Baseledger, and the finalization is moreover anchoring all Baseledger steps in Ethereum Ropsten.


Excel Connector by Present

The crew at Present labored with Biswashree Dey from Defii to increase the Baseline Protocol framework to Microsoft Excel customers, to work in direction of offering monetary inclusivity in enterprise ecosystems.

The Present Excel connector leverages the Baseline Protocol via Present powered APIs that allow synchronization between Excel and another System of Document (SOR). Using the soon-to-be open-source Baseline API, the connector leverages a mapping API to align knowledge constructions between SORs. As knowledge in an Excel spreadsheet is up to date, the Baseline API is used to implement state transitions and assure synchronization amongst workgroup individuals.


Unquestionably, baselining Excel is a big achievement that can assist numerous customers guarantee knowledge consistency throughout events, streamline enterprise and scale back situations of disputes associated to knowledge discrepancies. We’re thrilled to succeed in this milestone.

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